Zagg Keyboard Not Working

Zagg Keyboard Not Working [SOLVED]

Ahmed N. KhanSep 6, 20238 min read

Zagg makes great wireless keyboards for desktop computers as well as iPad lines. However, they are famous for their iPad folios, which also come with detachable keyboards. These are quite well-built products, especially the newer Messenger Folio 2 and Pro…

How To Fix Instagram Reels Bonus Not Showing?

Fix Instagram Reels Bonus Not Showing [2023 Updated]

Ahmed N. KhanSep 5, 20238 min read

Instagram isn’t just a platform to keep an eye on the world around you, but it has emerged as one of the leading social media platforms for making money.  The best part? Thanks to the Instagram Reels bonus feature, You…

Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

Roku Remote Blinking Green Light – How to fix it?

Ahmed N. KhanSep 1, 20239 min read

Roku is one of the most popular digital media players and streaming devices. They are known for their reliability and user-friendliness. Their Enhanced remote is very thoughtfully designed. Sometimes, you will find your Roku remote blinking green light and wonder…

How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing?

How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing? 5 Easy Fixes!

Ahmed N. KhanAug 31, 20237 min read

Instagram keeps coming up with features promoting short-form content. For instance, first, it came out with the reel option, and now the Notes feature. Though I used to love watching long videos, I have also enjoyed these shorter content-form versions…

Roku Audio Out of Sync

Roku Audio Out of Sync [PROVEN Fix!]

Ahmed N. KhanAug 31, 202310 min read

Roku devices work great out of the box and you will rarely face any issues during the setup and use. It’s a great and reliable device & platform. However, one issue that keeps popping up from time to time is…

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