JLab Earbuds Not Charging [SOLVED – All Models]

JLab makes great quality budget-friendly earbuds. However, one common problem that JLab users face is that sometimes, the earbuds or the charging case won’t charge.

In this article, we are going to troubleshoot and solve the JLab earbuds not charging issue. This guide applies to all JLab earbud models i-e the JLab Air, JBuds and JLab Go Air as they have a similar build.

If your JLab earbuds are not charging or only one side (left or right) is not charging or the charging case is not charging, this guide will help you solve your issue.

We will start with the most common issues and then go toward more specific fixes.

1. Remove plastic film over charging pins

Some JLab models like the JLab Go Air comes packed with a thin paper film that separates the earbud and charging case connectors. This is to prevent the earbuds from over-discharging during shipping (see image below)

If you just got your JLab earbuds and trying to put them on charge without success, remember to open the case and take out the paper film so that your earbuds and the charging case can make contact.

The thin film is easily visible in some models while on others, it can be a bit inconspicuous. I once bought a Skullcandy earbuds that won’t charge and turned out, I forgot to remove the paper sticker that were covering the charging pins.

So, if your JLab earbuds are new, take out the paper film before you charge them.

2. Clean the charging pins

When we use our earbuds, they pick up earwax and oils from our ear and sometimes, this wax and oil combo accumulates over the charging pins and block their contact with the charging case.

When this happens, both or one of your JLab earbuds won’t charge.

Every once in a while, you should thoroughly clean both your earbuds and the charging case with a soft tissue or cloth. Give special attention to the charging pins and clean them thoroughly.

If you see any hard dust particles accumulated over the charging pins or signs of oxidation (yeah it happens on budget earbuds), it is a good idea to clean them with WD40 contact spray.

3. Check the charging cable

Most of the JLab earbud charging cases have a fixed attached USB cable so you don’t need a separate USB cable to plug it into a charger or laptop USB port.

This is convenient but if the cable or USB connector gets damaged, it renders your entire case useless. That’s why most companies prefer modular designs.

Since JLabs earbuds are budget earbuds, the built quality is far from being superior. The charging cable and the connector gets damaged quite easily.

If your earbuds stop charging suddenly, check the condition of the attached cable and the end USB connector. If you see wears & tears in the cable or dirt and debris deposits on the connector pins, that’ must be the reason.

However, you can easily clean the connector pins using either alcohol swabs or WD40 contact cleaner spray.

4. Change the charging source

To charge your JLab earbuds case, you can connect it to any standard USB port. Even a low powered laptop port will easily charge it.

However, sometimes, its the charging port or the charging brick that is the cause of the problem. So its is a good idea to eliminate this by changing the port or using another charging brick to try charge it.

Reset the earbuds

Resetting your earbuds can remove any temporary software glitch or bug that might cause the earbuds to not function properly, including charging issues.

So if your JLab earbuds are not charging, it is a good idea to factory reset them to see if it is due to a software glitch.

Resetting JLab earbuds is quite easy and the process is same for all models.

  1. Forget the “JLab JBuds Air Pro” from your Bluetooth device settings to unpair it.
  2. Place both earbuds in the charging case.
  3. Quickly tap 7 times on one earbud while it is in the case. The earbud will blink blue 4 times.
  4. Quickly tap 7 times on the other earbud while it is in the case. The earbud will blink blue 4 times.
  5. Take both earbuds out of the charging case.
  6. One earbud will be solid white and the other will blink blue/white indicating they are ready to pair to your device.

You will have to pair your earbuds again with your phone or tablet after a factory reset.

5. Update earbuds firmware

Keeping your earbuds firmware up to date not only enablees the latest functionalities and features, it also help you avoid software glitches and bugs.

Before moving towards more serious troubleshooting steps to solve our JLab earbuds charging issue, check if you have the latest firmware installed.

To do that, you will have to download the JLab sound companion app (if you haven’t already). On the home screen, you will see an option to update your earbuds.

If your earbuds have a pending update, it will show up there and you can update with a single tap.

6. Batteries are over drained

Overdrained earbud batteries can prevent them from charging up again because when a lithium-ion battery is discharged to a very low voltage, it can get permanently damaged and unable to hold a charge.

Specially if your earbuds were not in use for a long period and left uncharged, this can easily happen.

When the voltage of a battery drops below a certain level, it can cause a phenomenon known as “deep discharge,” which can permanently damage the battery’s ability to charge again.

However, before replacing the battery or throwing away the earbuds altogather, we can try salvage it by putting it on an overnight charge.

Put your earbuds on charge for at least 12 hours (preferably overnight) even if you don’t see any LED blinking or indication of charge. Sometimes, a deeply drained battery jump starts this way.

I have been doing this with my DJI drone batteries for a long time and It works 9 out of 10 times.

7. Check case temperature

Another querk with Lithium-ion batteries is that they are sensitive to charging at extreme temperatures. If you try to charge your batteries at very high or low temperature, it can permanently damage the cell chemistry.

That’s why charging circuits have built-in safety features that disable charging when the temperature is high or low.

If your JLab earbuds are not charging, check if the case temperature is in normal range. If it is very hot (due to constant use) or very cold due to outside temperature, bring it back to normal range and then try charging.

8. Check for physical damage

When troubleshooting an issue with JLab earbuds not charging, it is important to check for any physical damage that may be causing the problem.

One of the most common causes of physical damage is water damage. If the earbuds have been exposed to water, it can cause corrosion of the internal circuitry and damage to the battery, making it unable to charge.

Another possible cause of physical damage is impact damage from dropping or hitting the earbuds. If the earbuds have been dropped or hit hard enough, it can cause damage to the internal components such as the battery or the charging port. This can prevent the earbuds from charging properly.

Inspect the earbuds for any cracks or other visible signs of damage. It is also important to make sure that the charging pins on the earbuds are not bent or damaged in any way.

In addition to water and impact damage, other probable causes of physical damage include wear and tear over time, damage caused by excessive heat or cold, or damage caused by exposure to chemicals.

To check for these types of damage, you can inspect the earbuds for any signs of discoloration, melting, or other physical abnormalities.

If you suspect that any of these issues are the cause of your JLab earbuds not charging, it may be best to contact JLabs for assistance.

9. Replace the charging case or earbuds

One of the things I like about JLab earbuds is that you can easily get a replacement part be it the charging case or any of the earbuds.

I haven’t seen any other manufacturer offering this service. In the word of earbuds, it is quite common to lose or damage one earbud but with JLabs, you can easily get just one earbud as a replacemenet well.

If you tried every troubleshooting step in this guide and are still facing charging issues, you can replace your charging case or earbud (s). Just go to JLab Replacement Parts page and look for your specific model parts.

This is a really good customer service. I once discarded my Skullcandy Indy earbuds because the left earbud stopped working. But with JLabs, I can replace the malfunctioning earbud without discarding the entire set.

JLab Earbuds Not Charging – Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are experiencing issues with your JLab earbuds not charging properly, you can try several troubleshooting steps.

First, ensure that the plastic film over the charging pins has been removed and that the pins are clean. Check the charging cable and try changing the charging source. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the earbuds and updating the firmware.

If the issue persists, consider the possibility that the batteries are over-drained or an issue with the charging case’s temperature.

Additionally, inspect the earbuds and charging case for any physical damage. If none of these troubleshooting steps work, you may need to replace the charging case or earbuds.

Remember to be careful when handling the electronic components; if the problem persists, it may be a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer.

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