Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

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When I first got my Jabra earbuds (the famous Elite 75t), I was very impressed with their build quality and how they sounded. Pretty soon, they replaced my Airpods till one day, I ran into a charging issue.

All of a sudden, my right Jabra earbud won’t charge. I had this experience with my other earbud pair as well, so I knew it was something I could fix with a few troubleshooting steps.

Anyway, I started looking around and found a solution that was pretty simple and got my buds working again.

Based on my experience, I have compiled this troubleshooting guide to help you if your Jabra earbuds not charging as well.

Jabra Earbuds won’t charge – Reasons

Your Jabra earbuds might not charge for quite a few reasons. Sometimes, the reason is as simple as incorrect placements of buds inside the charging case.

While I was researching my issue online, I came across people who faced the same problem for different reasons. Some of the common reasons for Jabra earbuds not charging are:

  • Your charging case is over-drained and in hibernation.
  • You are using an incompatible charging brick or charging cable.
  • The charging ports or pins are dirty.
  • The left & right buds have charge imbalance.

There are many other reasons, but these are the most common ones.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

We are going to diagnose each of them in this post, starting with the most common ones and going down the list to cover all possible scenarios for your Jabra earbuds not to charge.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – Troubleshooting

Earbuds not charging is a fairly common issue. I have faced this issue with my Skullcandy and JBL earbuds as well, and the solution lies in step-by-step troubleshooting to check and eliminate all possible reasons.

In this guide, we are going to to the same with your Jabra earbuds.

Check your power brick compatibility

This is probably one of the most common reasons for Jabra earbuds to not charge. An incompatible power brick (charger) can cause this issue because it won’t supply the correct voltage and current.

Since your Jabra earbuds don’t come with their own charging brick, you will have to use your phone charger.

But here is the common issue I have seen with many users – they use a high-rated charging brick designed for fast charging (30W+ rated).

These chargers are good for charging your phone, but when it comes to charging your earbuds, they will not work all the time.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

A built-in current limiter inside your charging case makes sure that no high current can flow to the circuit. When you plug your charging case into high wattage fast charger, it blocks the charging process.

For best results, use your laptop USB port or a normal charger marked 18W or less.

Check your USB cable for damages

Your USB charging cable is probably the weakest link in your charging apparatus.

Although the Jabra official USB charging cable inside the packaging is of good quality, we often misplace it and use third-party cables. These cables are prone to damage with long use.

If you have multiple electronic devices, chances are you will have a few spare cables in your house to use and test if your charging cable is the issue. Try a few and see if you get any indication of charging.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

Even if a charging cable is not damaged but low in quality, it will hamper the flow of current and result in voltage losses that can lead to your earbuds not charging.

Always use the official Jabra charging cable or a high-quality third-party cable.

Remove stickers from charging pins

Some earbud brands ship their buds inside the charging case. This reduces the size of the packaging box.

To avoid battery discharge during shipping time, they put a little paper sticker over the charging pins so that they don’t make contact with the charging case.

My Elite 75t came packed separately from the charging case, and I think that’s the case with most Jabra models.

However, if your Jabra headphones came stored inside the charging case, do check and remove the paper sticker before you attempt to charge them.

I once struggled to charge one of my JLab earbuds (I know I buy a lot of earbuds; I have an addiction) because it had this small sticker on the pins that I didn’t see. I was about to send them back when I spotted the sticker.

Place your buds correctly

We are getting to the good troubleshooting methods in a bit, but first, I want to eliminate the most common mistakes that people make with their Jabra earbuds which end up not charging.

Incorrectly placed earbuds in the charging case is one such common mistake.

Although all Jabra earbuds have this magnetic latching feature that pulls the earbuds inside the charging case, at times, the earbuds won’t sit properly and hence won’t charge.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

One common reason for this is dirt and debris inside the charging case that will take up space and prevent proper seating of the buds.

Make sure your charging case is clean, the earbuds sit snuggly inside, and the lid closes tightly.

Clean your charging pins

Speaking of dirt and debris, earbuds are notorious for getting ear wax all over them including the charging pins.

Each earbud has two charging pins at the bottom that makes electrical contact with the charging pins inside the case.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

For the current to flow properly and charge your earbuds, these pins need to make firm electrical contact. If wax, oil, and dirt accumulate on the charging pins of either the case or the buds, this will prevent the buds from charging.

To make sure this isn’t the reason for your Jabra earbuds not charging, clean your earbud and charging case pins thoroughly with a cotton swab dipped in acetone or with WD40 Contact Cleaner.

WD40 is particularly good in removing dirt and oil and is safe to use on electrical contacts. If your pins have developed an orange layer due to oxidation, WD40 will clean that up too.

Clean your charging port

Similarly, the charging port on your earbud case will also accumulate dirt and debris over time and when the pins get dirty enough to prevent electrical contact, the case will stop charging.

Your earbud case ends up in a lot of weird spaces like your pocket, beneath the sofa cushion, in your drawer, and where not.

It picks up dust particles that keep accumulating on the USB charging pins.

That’s why it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your charging port with WD40 Contact Spray.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

Take your charging case outside and spray the cleaner solution inside the port using the nozzle. Leave it for a few minutes, then clean the port using a cotton swab. Repeat a few times for a through clean.

Charge battery overnight

Now, here is a very uncommon phenomenon that happens to any lithium battery-powered device when it is left uncharged for a long time – it over-drains and enters hibernation mode.

Lithium cells are very prone to critical discharge and if the discharge voltage falls below a certain low level, it becomes hard to revive such battery.

To prevent over-discharge, the charging circuits monitor the battery voltage and if it nears the critical voltage, the circuit puts the battery in a special state called hibernation, where the battery stops further discharge.

If you leave your Jabra earbuds uncharged for a long time (say a couple of weeks) it will enter hibernation. When you plug the case in again, it won’t take up charge right away.

To wake your battery up again, you have to put it on charge for 12+ hours even if you don’t see any sign of charging. Its best to put the buds and case on charge overnight and check back in the morning.

Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – [Fix Common Issues]

The prolonged charging wakes up the sleeping battery, and after that, your buds and case will start charging normally.

Check earbuds for charge imbalance

A charge imbalance between left and right earbuds will also occasionally lead to the earbuds not charging. But in this case, only one earbud will not charge.

When you use only one of your earbuds in mono mode and drain its battery, the difference in charge level will lead to the earbuds not charging properly when put in the case.

To fix this, you will have to drain both earbuds to zero charge level and then charge them again.

To do this, take your earbuds out of the case and leave them on the table overnight. Make sure to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth so that they keep searching for available devices and consume power faster.

In the morning, both earbuds will be fully drained and at the same charge level. Now you can put them into the charging case and charge normally.

Reset & update your earbuds

Our final step in troubleshooting Jabra earbuds that won’t charge, we are going to make sure that the malfunction is not due to a software glitch or outdated firmware.

First, go to your app store and download the Jabra companion app called Jabra Sound+. This app will let you connect your earbuds and check for any available firmware updates.

Update jabra earbuds using Jabra Sound+

After installing the app, connect your earbuds and update your firmware if a new version is available.

Next, we are going to reset the earbuds to iron out any cache memory glitches and temporary software issues.

To reset your Jabra earbuds:

  • Take your earbuds out of the charging case and turn them ON.
  • Now, press & hold the button on both earbuds for about 10-15 seconds until the LED light flashes purple.
  • Your earbuds will go through the reset process, and once completed, the LED will blink blue, indicating pairing mode.

You will have to pair your earbuds again because the reset process will delete all paired devices.

Contact Jabra Support

If nothing worked so far and still your Jabra earbuds not charging, it is time to contact Jabra Support to get professional help.

The company’s customer service team can provide expert help and additional troubleshooting tips.

You can reach out to Jabra Support via their website or directly through the Jabra Sound+ app.

From the website, you can submit a support ticket, start a live chat, or find the phone number for your local Jabra support team.

Before contacting support, make sure to have your earbuds’ model number and any other information that might help the team diagnose the issue.

If you have your warranty card, you might need that as well.

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