Wild Tech – 10 Crazy Innovations That Are Indistinguishable From Magic

Famous science fiction writer  Arthur C. Clarke once said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“.

That was 1962 and the technology of that time was barely advanced by any modern standards. But in 2024, we are literally living in the magic world of Arthur C. Clarke.

Here are 10 recent tech innovations that will make you live for the future.

1. Live Hologram Box by Holoconnects

Holoconnect has made a live hologram box called “Holobox” that will let you talk to people anywhere in the world via your live hologram.

The main innovation is geared towards corporate meetings and remote “in-person” presentations but over time, the technology will become more accessible and can see more domestic applications.

How cool will it be for a grandma to talk to his grandkids overseas via this technology? Long-distance date nights? The applications are endless.

The working principal is quite simple. A high-definition camera will record you and transmit the data to a remote Holobox which will render your movements in real-time inside the 3D space of the box.

Sure the box is bulky and expensive for now but like every technology, it will go through its refinement phase and will reduce to a mere curved glass one day.

2. Portalgraph

VR and AR technologies are getting renewed attention after Apple and Meta invested quite a bit in developing in the field.

Facebook introduced the first generation VR glasses back in 2015 when it bought a less-known startup Oculus. But the tech was bulky at that time and didn’t get much attention.

But things are moving fast now. We are seeing more and more VR and AR products hitting the market and Portalgraph is one of them.

Portalgraph is a VR projector technology that does not block the view. It projects VR spaces onto screens, opening a portal that connects ‘here’ with alternate spaces.

Compared to traditional VR glasses, Portalgrah glasses are lightweight, inexpensive, and can transform any space into a VR space.

3. Hyundai EV “e-Corner system” with wheels that go sideways

Good news for those of us who suck at parallel parking. Now you can turn your car wheels 90 degrees to drive your car sideways for perfect parallel parking.

It’s amazing how different technologies see reemergence after decades. The same 90-degree turning wheel technology was seen in old vehicles during the late 50s but largely forgotten in later decades.

Wild Tech - 10 Crazy Innovations That Are Indistinguishable From Magic

But the technology is making a comeback and we might soon see them in other models.

4. Moonwalker X

Why just walk when you can run while walking? The new Moonwalker X shoes from Shift Robotics promise such shoes that will let you walk faster. In fact, they call them the “the world’s fastest shoes.”

The first generation shoes were introduced in 2022 with 10 wheels but the newer version is lighter, more durable and have only 6 wheels beneath them.

The new shoes are lighter — 3.2 pounds on each foot, which is still a lot but a full pound lighter than the original — and are meant to be much easier to learn and use. Shift Robotics says it overhauled the control system for better maneuvering in tight spaces, improved shock absorption, and switched from 10 wheels to six on each foot.

5. Next-gen Rubik’s cube by WOWcube

For those who love Rubik cubes, this one brings a whole new world of entertainment. Now instead of just matching the same colors on each face, you can play exciting new games on the cube by turning, tilting and tapping, and shaking the cube.

6. Auto-tracking iPhone stand for creators by Belkin

If you are a creator and loves to be in front of your iPhone camera all the time, this new auto-tracking iPhone stand from Belkin will literally blow your mind. It was recently debut in CES2024.

Sure there are many auto-tracking stands out there but this one blows them out of the park with its smooth and accurate tracking.

7. Voice-absorbing mask by Skyted

This was also one of the interesting things that recently debuted in CES2024 – a high-tech mask that you can wear and it will absorb your voice. It is developed by the company Skyted so that you can gossip freely in public without worrying about eavesdropping or disturbing others.

However, the applications can be beyond that. Gamers can use that to talk (curse) during their game sessions without waking up the entire house. You can attend a phone call in the library without breaking the silence zone and many others.

8. Transparent Micro-LED screen by Samsung

My personal favorite – a transparent LED screen that you can see through. The future is here and I can’t wait to hold a transparent phone like they showed in Sci-Fi series ‘The Expense’

9. AI-powered binoculars by SWAROVSKI OPTIK

If you are a nature lover or into bird watching, this one is perfect. Binoculars that can identify the type of bird or animal you are looking at in real-time. How cool is that?

It is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that can instantly identify over 9000 different bird and animal species. Now this is a real use case of AI technology. Right?

10. New Mercedes G-Wagon EV that can do 360 on autopilot

Last but not least, we have a new EV version of the G-Wagon that can turn 360. The off-roader can now navigate tight spots and can take a U-turn on tight roads without breaking a sweat.

“At first we thought the G-Turn would be a nice feature to have, but not quite necessary,” said head of Mercedes’ “G” division, Emmerich Schiller, speaking to Autocar.

“But after testing it, we discovered that it does offer practical advantages in tight situations off road and decided to offer it on the production model.”

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