What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? [8 Possible Meanings]

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If you love scrolling over your Instagram feed, you might come across several Instagram acronyms now and then. Some could be familiar, but you will often wonder about their meanings.

NFS is one of the most popular acronyms on Instagram. If you are a frequent Instagrammer, you will see it every once in a while on your feed. So, what does NFS mean on Instagram?

NFS is short for “Not for Sale” and is an expression used by Instagram influencers and content creators when they post a picture of some personal belonging that’s not for sale.

Unlike most Instagram acronyms, NFS has numerous other meanings as well, depending on the context in which it is used.

This guide will take you through all the possible meanings of NFS so the next time you see it on your feed, it doesn’t confuse you.

1- Not For Sale

This is one of the most readily used meanings of the NFS acronym. You must have seen this on your feed, especially on small business pages on Instagram. As the acronym suggests, it is used with things that are not for sale.

Over time Instagram has gained immense popularity among the masses. Due to this, various businesses, from minor to big ones, consider it worth making their Instagram pages.

Moreover, there are several Influencers out there who have made Instagram a full-time job for themselves.

NFS or Not For Sale is an expression used by such business owners and influencers when they post a personal belonging that is just for show and not for sale

If you have been following different influencers, especially fashion influencers, on Instagram lately, you might already know how people tend to take a keen interest in their outfits.

There is a hashtag called #OOTD frequently used by these creators. Under this hashtag, they tend to tag all the brands and pages they got their outfits from.

However, if any clothing piece they wear isn’t available for sale, they will use NFS with them.

Similarly, numerous art enthusiasts on Instagram use NFS with art pieces unavailable for sale.

Isn’t this acronym making a lot of sense now?

2- No Filter Sunday

With the rise in the popularity of social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc., filters have become famous among users.

You will rarely find unfiltered pictures on your feed now, as almost all users love beautifying their pictures using different filters.

But recently, users have started getting more raw and authentic on their feeds, which gave rise to the No Filter trend.

One meaning of the acronym NFS is related to this No Filter trend making this acronym short for “No Filter Sunday.”

As evident from the abbreviation, this acronym is used when an influencer or celebrity shares a raw and unfiltered moment from her Sunday routine, e.g., applying a face mask, doing skin care, cleaning the closet, etc., with the followers.

When a picture taken straight from a phone’s camera without using any beautifying filter is posted on Instagram, you will most likely see the NFS acronym with it.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? [8 Possible Meanings]

3- No Filter Squad

This is another meaning of the acronym NFS. Just like “No Filter Sunday,” this one also refers to the absence of filters from a picture.

As mentioned above, more and more people have now started posting pictures on Instagram that lack any filters. This is perhaps an attempt by social media enthusiasts to make social apps more real.

The NFS acronym is used as “No Filter Squad” when a group only shares raw and unfiltered pictures on their feed. They proudly flaunt their bare skin using the hashtag “#No Filter Squad.”

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

4- No Filter Story

The filters on Instagram are not just limited to posts; you can use them on the stories you share with your friends.

If you see the NFS acronym on someone’s story, it will most likely refer to the fact that they haven’t used any filter on it.

This, like the “No Filter Sunday” and “No Filter Squad,” is also an attempt of Instagram users to flood this application with pure and authentic content.

Thanks to these acronyms and no-filter initiatives by numerous famous personalities, more and more people have started loving their skin for what it is.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

5- Not For Sharing

Though social media apps have made it easier for us to stay in touch with each other, this has also caused a toll on our privacy.

Nothing we share on our Instagram feeds remains private. The sharing feature on Instagram has made it nearly impossible to prevent the circulation of a picture or post.

That’s when the NFS acronym comes to our rescue. It is used with pictures and stories not up for sharing.

Generally, when influencers and creators share a personal moment on their Instagram handle, they use NFS as a sign that this particular post or story is “Not For Sharing.”

So, whenever you see NFS on a story or post that seems private, avoid sharing it with others to save yourself from any trouble in the future.

6- No Followers Syndrome

As we discussed earlier, Instagram has become a full-time business for many people. Due to this, the follower count on Instagram makes a considerable difference for certain people.

Unfortunately, many people try different cheap strategies to increase their followers. There is a term coined for such people called “Followers Syndrome.”

Thankfully, the market is not yet flooded with such desperate content creators, and you can still find a lot of creators who genuinely enjoy posting content on their Instagram without caring about numbers.

To voice their opinions, these people often use the NFS acronym on their posts which refers to “No Followers Syndrome” in this case.

This, in simple words, denotes that the person posting the particular picture or story doesn’t care about the number of people following them and only wants to share their special moment with their Insta family.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

7- Need For Speed

On seeing this expression, the first thing that comes to mind is the game Need for Speed. Well, this isn’t much different.

The acronym will mean Need For Speed when it is used by people talking about car races and other automotive vehicles.

Various car enthusiasts on Instagram could be seen using NFS to express their views about a car. For instance, if a vehicle isn’t too high in power and cannot go super fast, they will say something like, “NFS, you need to speed this up.”

NFS also refers to a car franchise named “Need For Speed.”

8- Not Feeling Social

Another prevalent meaning of this acronym is Not Feeling Social. It’s usually used by someone who is sad and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Instagram has lately become a platform where people share their emotions and feelings, unlike the initial years of the app when all you could see on your feed were people laughing and chilling around.

Over time, everything is changing on the web, and now influencers and celebrities are trying to stay as natural on the app as possible. This is why they don’t shy away from sharing the moments of grief from their lives.

Whenever you see such posts and stories on Instagram with #NFS written, understand that the person is not in the mood to talk to anyone.

This expression is also commonly used in chats and the comments section.

Wrapping Up – What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

So, now you know how the meaning of NFS varies depending on the circumstances. From now on, whenever you see this expression appear on your Instagram feed, consider the situation first to interpret the meaning correctly.

We have tried to cover all the possible meanings of NFS on Instagram, but the term has multiple business connotations too.

Now that you have understood this acronym make sure to use it on your Instagram feed with posts and stories you share.

Happy Scrolling!

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