Insignia TV Volume Too Loud [SOLVED!]

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Insignia makes great TVs that are quite reliable and solid in their build. But once in a while, you will run into little problems that can be pretty annoying.

One of these little problems is the TV volume settings.

If you are stuck with an Insignia TV volume too loud, I have several ways that you can use to fix it.

Why is your Insignia TV volume stuck on high?

There are a few common problems with the Insignia TVs. You might find yourself facing either of them:

  • The TV volume is stuck on high, and you can’t lower it.
  • The TV volume is very high even when the volume bar is at 1.
  • Insignia TV volume goes up by itself.

Although the problems are slightly different, the reason for both is pretty identical.

As is the case with most electronics, sometimes the TV software program runs into a glitch or bug and starts malfunctioning. Sometimes, it’s a similar glitch in your TV remote.

But don’t worry as these glitches or bugs are not something that you can’t fix with a few common troubleshooting methods.

How to fix Insignia TV volume too loud

If you are facing a similar problem where your Insignia TV volume is too loud, you can try the below troubleshooting steps to correct the issue.

We will be starting with the easy fixes first that you can perform easily and without changing any permanent settings on your TV unit.

These Insignia TV volume control fixes do not require any special tool or skill.

1. Reset your TV remote

Most of the time, the TV volume can get stuck on high because it is getting an incorrect signal from your faulty TV remote.

Everything is fine with your TV, but it’s your remote control that reset the volume too high.

To fix this, follow the following steps to reset your TV remote:

  1. Turn your TV OFF.
  2. Open your remote cover, pull out the batteries, and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Press all the buttons on your remote (this discharges all the capacitors in the circuitry)
  4. Put in a fresh new pair of batteries.

Now turn ON your TV and check your volume control. Hopefully, the reset remote along with new pair of batteries will have fixed your issue.

If you are still getting high volume, keep reading.

2. Restart your TV

If it’s not your remote then it’s your TV set that is not functioning properly. The first fix for any misbehaving electronics is turning it OFF & ON again.

It’s a common joke in the IT world that turning things off & on again will fix most problems.

Turn your TV OFF for a few minutes and turn it ON. Check your volume control and see if it is working correctly.

If a simple turn off/on doesn’t fix the issue, we have to put the TV through a power cycle (or power reset) which is a bit thorough way of doing the same.

3. A power reset might fix the issue

Power reset or commonly known as power cycle is a way of thoroughly turning OFF and ON any electronics.

It discharges all the capacitors inside the electronics and gets rid of any residual charges that might cause the malfunction.

To power reset your Insignia TV, follow the following steps:

  1. Power OFF your TV via remote or the power button.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power socket.
  3. Hold down the power button on the TV for 1 minute (discharges all capacitors)
  4. Release the power button and wait another 1 minute.
  5. Plug the TV back into the socket and turn it ON.

When the TV turns ON fully, put on a program and check the volume control button. A power cycle fixes most glitches and issues.

If you are still stuck with the loud volume, it’s time to check if incorrect audio settings are not the culprit. Read the next section.

4. Check & reset your volume settings

Sometimes, everything is fine with your TV, and it’s the settings that have been altered mistakenly by someone (I am looking at my nephew as I am typing this).

Insignia TV Volume Too Loud
Reset volume settings on Insignia TV

To see and make sure if everything is correct, go to your TV audio settings and see if the Bass, treble & Balance are all in the middle.

If you see any of these pushed to the right, bring it back to see if it fixes the issue.

Some TV models also have the “Auto Volume” setting that automatically adjusts volumes based on the source (remember when the commercials used to have high volume by default to get your attention?).

You can turn the auto volume OFF and see if it has any effect.

Lastly, you can factory reset your Audio settings. Inside your Audio settings, you will see an option to revert all the settings back to factory default (the exact settings differ from model to model so you have to look around)

If all of this doesn’t work, we are going to reset the TV and see if it solves the issue. Keep reading

5. Factory reset the TV

Factory resetting your Insignia TV will revert it back to the factory defaults and remove any customization or third-party apps from the device.

It is the last resort to solving any software-related issues.

To factory reset your Insignia TV, press the Home button on the remote, go to Settings > Device & Software > Reset to Factory Defaults.

Once you select the last option, the TV will restart and perform a factory reset procedure. Once finished, you will have to set your TV up again.

If you don’t have your remote, you can still perform a factory reset using the power button on your TV.

The process is a bit tricky so I am going to post a detailed video tutorial below for your ease.

Factory resetting Insignia TV using the power button

6. Update your firmware

Firmware updates usually fix common bugs and performance issues in electronics.

After the product is released, the manufacturer keeps an eye out for issue the users might face and keep updating the firmware throughout the product life to fix them.

Insignia TV sound settings greyed out at times and it was a common software glitch that was fixed with a software update.

Depending on which Insignia TV you have, you can update the firmware either via USB drive or online.

Online Firmware Update: If you have Insignia SmartTV that is connected to the internet for streaming, you can easily update the firmware from the settings.

Most TVs you can buy these days are smart 4K TVs and can be updated pretty easily.

Firmware Update via USB: If you own a ‘dumb’ Insignia TV that only runs via cable, you can still update its firmware but it’s a bit tricky compared to the SmartTVs.

BestBuy has a pretty detailed guide about updating the firmware of older Insignia models

7. Check faulty speakers

Even if a firmware update and factory reset don’t fix the loud volume on your Insignia TV, it’s probably time to think it’s a hardware issue and not a software issue.

The first thing you should check (and probably the only thing you can check) is your built-in speakers.

Doing this is fairly easy. All you need is a pair of external speakers or even a headphone with a 3.5mm jack.

Plug your external speakers or headphones in the Audio out jack. Now, turn your TV on and check the volume control if it’s working on the external speakers/headphones.

If the volume is working fine on the external speakers, that means your built-in speakers have developed a hardware problem and are not responding to the gain control.

You can either connect an external speaker to the TV and use it like that or send your TV unit for repair.

8. Repair your unit

This is the final step to solving the issue permanently. If your TV unit is under warranty, you can send it back to the company for repair or maybe a replacement.

If you don’t have a warranty, you can take your unit to your local electronic repair shop.

If your TV is below 42″ screen size, you can also avail the BestBuy TV repair service.

Insignia TV Volume Too Loud – Summary

Insignia TVs can run into annoying little problems from time to time and one of them is the volume setting stuck on high.

The above guide provides a detailed troubleshooting method to solve the issue.

If you are going to follow this guide, I would suggest starting with the first method and making your way down to the last one.

I have arranged them in a way that you will be trying the easy methods first before pulling out the big guns.

I hope this guide solves your issue. If you are still not able to fix the issue, you can mention your model number in the comment below, and I (or someone from our community) will find a specific solution to it.

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