Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? [No… But!]

Beats Studio 3 headphones are among the most popular headphones in the market. These headphones have become a favorite among audiophiles, music lovers, and fashion-conscious individuals.

However, if you are a gym person like me, you must be wondering if Beats Studio 3 are waterproof/water resistant or not.

Short answer is they are not waterproof, but fortunately, you can use your Beats Studio 3 headphones in a high-moisture environment (I will explain how).

In this article, we will explore the waterproofing of Beats Studio 3 headphones and provide tips for keeping them safe from water ingress.

Are Beats Studio 3 waterproof?

As a music enthusiast, I know the importance of good-quality headphones that can withstand different use cases.

With so many options available in the market, finding a pair that provides exceptional sound quality and protects against moisture damage can be challenging.

The build and sound quality impressed me when I first received my Beats Studio 3 headphones. However, one question that kept nagging me was, “Are Beats Studio 3 headphones waterproof?”

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof

After using them for quite some time, I can confidently share my experience and answer this question for anyone considering these headphones.

Beats Studio 3 headphones are not waterproof and are not designed to be used in conditions with a chance of water ingress.

They do not come with any IPX rating and are prone to water damage if you expose them to splashes or running water.

That means you cannot use your headphones outside when it is raining or inside your shower or sauna, and I think no on-ear headphones are designed to these specs.

Water can easily get inside the hubs through joints and charging holes, damaging the delicate electronics inside, and this is true for all on-ear headphones.

Are Beats Studio 3 sweat resistant?

If you want to use your Beats Studio 3 headphones during gym workout sessions, you can do that but with a bit of necessary precaution.

Since the headphones are not waterproof or water-resistant (I will explain the difference below), you can short-circuit the components if sweat gets inside.

This is especially true if you are a particularly sweaty person during your sessions or if humidity is high in your area. When I work out, I sweat a lot and can’t risk putting my expensive headphones at risk.

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? [No... But!]

Another reason not to use your headphones during workouts is the damage sweat can do to your muffs or earpads. They are made of fabric or false leather and are prone to sweat damage.

Over time, the salts in your sweat can damage the lining of the muff, and they will start pealing. Also, they will start developing a bad smell inside the foam as bacteria grow in the absorbed moisture.

How to use Beats Studio 3 in Gym?

The Studio 3 headphones are not water or sweat resistant, but they can still be used in gym with suitable headphone covers.

These headphone covers are available as washable as well as disposable versions. You can find them on Amazon or other online stores.

They are made from moisture-wicking soft material that absorbs sweat and prevents it from getting to your expensive ear pads. You can use your earphones for longer hours when they are dry.

Universal Compatibility
Cloth Ear Covers for Headsets - Universal
  • Set of 2 cotton cloth ear covers
  • Easy to install and easy to wash
  • Elastic band secures ear covers to headset ear cups
  • Universal fit! Fits all standard-size over-ear earphones
  • Sweat-wicking cloth keeps your ear dry

With these covers on, you can safely use your Beats Studio 3 headphones during sweaty gym sessions as well as during long hours of gaming or watching movies without risking sweat ingress.

What to do when Beats Studio 3 gets wet?

Water or sweat can harm your headphones in two different ways.

First, it can fry the delicate electronics inside and render your headphones useless. They might not charge or even turn on. Water-damaged electronics cannot be repaired easily and are usually replaced with new ones.

Secondly, water can damage your earpads as well. Depending on what type of material is used, it can slowly and gradually deteriorate over time.

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? [No... But!]

Beats Studio 3 are made from faux leather, which cracks when exposed to sweat with high salt content.

If your Beats Studio 3 headphones get wet, you should act fast to prevent any water damage.

  1. Turn off the headphones: Immediately turn off your Beats Studio 3 headphones to prevent any electrical short circuits or damage.
  2. Wipe them down: Use a soft cloth or towel to gently wipe the headphones down, removing as much moisture as possible.
  3. Dry them out: The best way to dry out your headphones is by placing them in a dry, warm place. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or a heat source, which may cause further damage. An excellent place to dry them out is in a well-ventilated area, preferably in front of a fan.
  4. Leave them for a while: Depending on how wet they are, the headphones may take several hours to dry completely. You can leave them overnight to ensure they are completely dry before using them again.
  5. Test them: Once completely dry, turn them on and see if they are turning on. If there are any issues, contact Beats customer support for assistance.

Does Beats make waterproof headphones?

Headphones are usually not made waterproof or water resistant. There are too many moving parts to stop water ingress so they are not common.

Beats, however, make Water resistant earbuds that you can use during your workout sessions. They are called Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Water Resistant
Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds with Apple H1 Headphone Chip
  • Totally wireless earphones
  • Up to 9 hours of listening time, 24+ hours with charging case
  • Adjustable, secure-fit earhooks for comfort and stability
  • Sweat & water-resistant design
  • Volume & track controls on each earbud, voice capability, and Auto Play/Pause
  • Powerful, balanced sound with noise isolation
  • Independent earbud connection via Class 1 Bluetooth
  • Fast Fuel - 5 min charge gives 1.5 hours playback
  • Enhanced phone call performance from either earbud

Beats Powerbeats Pro are water resistant with IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand splashes of water, but they are not waterproof. You cannot submerge them in water.

Some companies make waterproof earbuds that you can even use during underwater sports. These headphones are particularly popular with swimmers.

Conclusion – are beats studio 3 waterproof?

Beats Studio 3 headphones are not waterproof and can get damaged easily if exposed to high moisture. However, they can be used during gym workouts when the muffs are covered with a protective cover.

If your headphones are exposed to water, you should immediately take care of them by wiping the excess water and letting them dry in air. Never charge your wet headphones or turn them on.

If you are looking for headphones during your gym sessions, I recommend getting waterproof earbuds or in-ear earphones as they are often water-resistant. Beats Powerbeats Pro are one such earbud.


Can you use Beats Studio 3 in rain?

Beats Studio 3 are not waterproof or water-resistant so they cannot be used in rain. Water can easily ingress and short the circuits.

What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof?

Waterproof electronics can be fully submerged in water, but water-resistant electronics can only bear slight water splashes. Both terms are wrongly used interchangeably.

What is IPX rating?

IPX rating determines the water resistance level of electronics. The higher the IPX rating, the more it is resistant to water. The rating range from IPX1 to IPX7.